Tax Assessor

625 State Highway 150
Parkman, ME 04443
(207) 876-3300


Tax cards, maps and bills can be found by clicking "Hamlin Associates", this will bring you to their website. If you need pay off amounts please call the office during our normal business hours.

Taxes for Jan-Dec 2018 DUE 10/31/20. Committed August 2020. Mil Rate .019400

Personal Property is taxable in the State of Maine.  It consists of furnishings, fixtures, machinery, equipment, telecommunications, computers, trailers, box trailers, signs and other heavy equipment, etc.  As prescribed by State Law a Declaration of value is sent each year to the business owners. A Business Personal Property Declaration  should be filed out and returned to the Assessing Department. Failure to return this form may bar the right to appeal the assessment. If you close, move or sell your business or apt. building after April 1st, you remain liable for the entire yearly bill until the following April 1.